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About us


We are a gathering of french-mexican people with common passion for art, design and construction. Tierra en Armonía comes to life through the exchange of culture, language and ideas based on the will to create a shared space in harmony with nature.

Our needs are changing constantly and we are in a time where the globalization and transformation of ecosystems is creating a natural and emotional chaos. Our responsibility is to find a way to generate a balance in the world we co-create.

Finding a space with no overwhelming auditory or visual stimulation can be quite challenging.

At Tierra en Armonía we accepted that challenge based on our own need for mayor connection with nature.

We first started by establishing a building place where nature’s presence in prevailing.

A place where you will rediscover the meaning of the essential without giving up the comfort and luxurious of an unforgettable retreat.  Having the opportunity of appreciating the marvelous art of the state of Oaxaca while enjoying the privilege of an ocean view, private pools and paths that will take you to a completely unspoiled beach.   

Each and every detail is inspired so the visitor can feel like home and be transported to a natural state of calmness, serenity and contemplation.

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