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Big Waves In Puerto Escondido

Updated: May 23, 2020

Last weekend a solid south swell lit up the Pacific just as many countries eased their restrictions on surfing. First Tahiti went XXL for a tight group of local chargers. A few days later, that same swell unloaded at Puerto Escondido. And just like in Tahiti, with Mexico’s borders closed, it was only the local big-wave contingent that ventured out into the maxed-out beachbreak pits.

Except, unlike in Tahiti, Playa Zicatela’s beaches (and lineups) are closed until further notice (and, according to this Instagram from Shannon Reporting, the federales are confiscating surfboards of those caught disobeying the orders). Despite the area’s beach closures, a few Puerto locals snuck out at first light for a few mega-tubes at the world’s heaviest sand-bottomed mutant. If the crew was scared, they certainly didn’t show it.

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